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A—-Z is an exploratory curatorial platform produced by Anne Duffau. Taking the formula of the alphabet, A—-Z uses words related to the idea of Entropy as a starting point to map out and test various unstable potentials. one Letter, one experiment, twenty six times

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‘The Storegga Slide’

at Five Years Gallery
an evening of debate, performance, screening and food

Doggerland has invited eight practitioners from around the UK who, over the past six months, have shared their experiences of coordinating and programming artist led spaces and projects. From a discussion about the ‘Parallel Institute’ to a newly-commissioned sound work, each participant has responded to The Storegga Slide through their own individual practices. 

A- - -Z
will present

‘Totem & Taboo’

a special screening with:

Patrick Furness

Maurits Koster & Kasper Jacobs

Sabrina Ratté

Daniel Shanken

Matthias Tharang

Rehana Zaman

Participants include:Anne Duffau (A-Z)Dave Evans (Model)Emily ShepherdEsther Planas (Five Years)Holly Keasey (GENERATORprojects)Lucy A Sames (Enclave)Oliver Braid (MANY)Ryan Hughes (RHP CDRs)The Storegga SlideDoggerland has proven to be a rich archaeological resource; the now submerged landmass continuing to produce an array of artefacts from a period when the area was mostly low-lying tundra. This area in the North Sea has become a crucial repository not just for archaeological purposes, but also as a trigger that ruptures the common consciousness that history is beneath us, not between us. The discovery of axe heads, skeletons (human and animal), headdresses and other carved implements, preserved and petrified in the banks of silt and peat, infers to a history before Britain was separated from mainland Europe, thus remapping an alternative formation between land and water. Once occupied land without the distinctions of political borders or nations, Doggerland was more than simply a ‘bridge’; it had a centrality of its own. The land itself profited from the Thames, Scheldt, Rhine and Meuse joining inland, before flowing into the channel, enriching the earth and creating many lagoons, marshes and beachland. The majority of artefacts found from the Doggerland site have been traced back to a time period around 10 000 - 6500 BC, or more specifically, pre- Storegga Slide. The Storegga Slide was a monumental landslide, occurring underwater off the coast of western Norway. It is hypothesised that the shift in land mass was so great that the knock-on tsunami effect was enough to eventually wash out the remaining low-level Doggerland, which had gradually become a series of islands situated between the British Isles and mainland Europe as sea levels rose. Amongst some scholars, the Slide marks the separation of Britain from mainland Europe and also the endpoint of the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) era, before the onset of the Neolithic. This event dramatically impacted on the cultures of early settlers, the migration of peoples and the adapted technologies exchanged and utilised around Northern Europe.Today, though no longer visible by naked eye nor satellite Doggerland continues to provide unique evidence of what was once inhabited land. Combined with the existing coastline areas of northern Europe, the area purported an ‘Eden-like’ environment, with conditions ripe for hunting and, temporarily before all inhabitants abandoned the islands, land sustenance. Though Doggerland was topographically weak with regards to resisting rising sea levels and the Storegga Slide, geographically the land was well sited for the progression of ancient societies.
Screening Programme
Patrick Furness

- 22°57′8 7″S 43°12′42″W, 2:20 min., 2013

Daniel Shanken

- Remedial Efficiency, 12:06 min., 2013

Rehana Zaman

 - ‘What an artist dies in me’/Exit the Emperor Nero, 4:00 min., Video commissioned by OUTPOST Gallery, shown in June 2013

Matthias Tharang

- Beauty of Labour, 8:47, 2013

Sabrina Ratté

- Aurae, Video, Sabrina Ratté, Image : file courtesy of Samantha Katz, Music composed by Roger Tellier-Craig, 2:24 min., 2012

Kasper Jacobs & Maurits Koster

- Teepee des 21. Jahrhunderts, 9:36 min., 2013
Thursday 17 July
A- - -Z presents K- - -Kabukimono
by Dinu Bodiciu
Launch at Tenderbooks (London WC2N 4HE)
A specially commissioned Newspaper
A Surrealist Printed Matter
A composition of visuals and words

Dinu Bodiciu is a London/Singapore based fashion and accessories designer. Born in Romania, he studied at the London College Of Fashionand graduated in 2011. He also gained a degree in Graphic Design and collaborated with independent theatre companies designing costumes and stage settings. 
His work focuses on the exploration of the human body and its interaction with garments. He perceives garments as an extension of the body and is interested in its ‘organic’ nature.

 On this special event, we will listen to some great playlists from PlayTime project

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A- - -Z - Two year Anniversary

A- - -Z will celebrate its two year anniversary at the Farr’s School of Dancing on the Wednesday 25th of June from 7pm

We will mark the event with a specially commissioned postcard by
Chooc Ly Tan

Come by to have a drink and pick up a postcard!


Chooc Ly Tan (b. 1981, La Roche sur Yon, France) lives and works in London. Tan works across moving image, installation and performance. Recent performances include ‘Let’s make another possible now’, Gasworks and Flat Time House, London (both 2014).Selected film and video programmes include SELECTED 4, touring to Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle, CCA, Glasgow, Fabrica, Brighton, FACT, Liverpool, Whitechapel gallery and Nottingham Contemporary (2014); Austerity Measures touring to Cell, London, CCCB, Barcelona, Fuso International Video Art Festival, Lisbon, Waterside, Riga, BIOS, Athens, Timishort Film Festival, Romania, Milano Film Festival, (2013). Tan participated in talks and conferences including Festival of Ideas, University of Cambridge and F—-Future, London (both 2013). Residencies include Defining Pi, Wysing Art Centre, in collaboration with Cambridge Computer Lab (2013). Chooc Ly Tan has had solo exhibitions at Carlos/Ishikawa, London and Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (both 2012).

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A- - -Z
© Close up of the video still from Let Me Assume That You Are Reading This On Earth, HD video, colour, sound, 2:20, 2014

A- - -Z presents PlayTime

Part III
Rowena Harris

   2 playlists 
10 tracks - 10 words

A- - -Z invites artists to share their sounds.

Every guest chooses 10 words and 10 tracks related to their influences/interests.

To listen click

This third PlayTime is released on the day of A- - -Z  
2nd Anniversary
- Celebration drinks on Wed. 25 June - 7pm  with a special  commissioned postcard by Chooc Ly Tan at the Farr’s School of Dancing (Dalston)

From Never maybe, to Maybe never more, language is a mutable and transient thing, and sometimes it feels like the only option is silence.  
The 10 tracks we’ve chosen variously embody the more expansive drives behind the Doggerland project; from the chaotic splendor of collaboration, to the politics of criticality, to the limits of language, and thus to the necessity of continuing to speak nonetheless. Our songs will all be silenced, but what of it? Go on singing.

Doggerland is a collaborative research project looking into the breadth of artist led activity across the UK.

Rowena Harris
(b. 1985, Norfolk, UK) Harris is a multi-disciplined artist. She completed her MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmith’s in 2010 and BA Fine Art from University College Falmouth in 2008. 
Recent projects include Tenderbooks (bookshop for artist publications and editions, located at Cecil Court, Leicester Square) and Misery Connoisseur Magazine (editor and founder).

Recent solos exhibitions include P.A.R.T.S, Coleman Project Space, London (2013). Recent group exhibitions include Chronovisor Archive, South Kiosk, London; Foam (artist audio/vinyl installation by Mat Jenner), Project Number, London; Synchronise. Accelerate. Disperse. II. MJ Gallery, Geneva. Switzerland (all 2014);  The Starseed Transmission, Enclave Projects, London; Believing (in) Objects, 134 Middleton Road, London; Hack the Barbican, The Barbican, London; Systems Failure, The Contemporary @ Great Western Studios, London and Open Cube, The White Cube, London (all 2013). She has also been awarded the Sainsbury’s Scholarship from The British School at Rome.

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A- - -Z
LISTEN NOW TO PlayTime | Part II | with Marialaura Ghidini & James Smith
HERE: www.a—
A- - -Z presents PlayTimePart IIMarialaura Ghidini & James Smith2 curators - 2 playlists 10 tracks - 10 wordsA—-Z invites 2 curators to share their sounds.Every guest chooses 10 words and 10 tracks related to their influences/interests.
Out on 01.06.14 HERE
Marialaura Ghidini is curator and doctoral researcher with CRUMB, University of Sunderland. She is the funder director of
James Smith is the founder and director of the online contemporary art magazine this is tomorrow.                                                                                                           
Set up in 2009, this is tomorrow aims to become a comprehensive archive of contemporary art, providing those restricted by place or time with the chance to visit some of the most innovative and culturally significant exhibitions around the world.
28.03.14 R- - -Retrograde | Part IPerformance by Patrick Furness at FoodFaceFrom 6.30pm - 9pm(rĕt′rə-grād′)adj.1. Moving or tending backward.2. Opposite to the usual order; inverted or reversed.3. Reverting to an earlier or inferior condition. In Astronomy, retrograde motion is motion in the direction opposite to the movement of something else and the contrary of direct or prograde motion.Patrick Furness will present a durational intervention reflecting on his ongoing research around cosmology – astronomy and ‘retrograde’ as a concept and as a motion.Patrick Furness (London, b.1982) studied Sonic Arts at Middlesex University and then completed a master course at Slade School of Art. Working with sound, video interactivity and performance, Furness currently focuses on humour, conspiracy, and his place in the universe.FoodFace 133 Copeland roadPeckhamLondonSE15 - -Z
A—-Z presents Hush Hush at Stewarts Law RCA Secret Simona Brinkmann, Matt Calderwood & Katja Davar - 3 artists - 3 postcards - 3 mysterious works will be shown from the 13th to the 22d of March at the RCA Secret, Dyson Gallery, 1 Hester Road, SW11 4AN Come by & try to find their postcards! Simona Brinkmann, born in Milan, lives and works in London. She graduated with an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in 2006. She has exhibited in the UK and internationally, including at Maria Stenfors, London; Zabludowicz Collection, London; MOT International, London; Treignac Project, Treignac, France; Netwerk Centrum voor Hedendaagse Kunst, Alst, Belgium; Marc de Puechredon, Basel; Kleio Projects, New York; and the ((audience)) festival of surround sound art which toured to New York, Syracuse and Toronto. Her work has been represented at the Volta fair in Basel, Art Athina The International in Contemporary Art Fair of Athens and Supermarket, Stockholm. She was the recipient of the Clifford Chance Sculpture Award in 2007 and was Artist In Residence at Kingston University in 2011/2012. She is currently undertaking a residency at the University of Hertfordshire (2013/2014). Recent projects have included ‘Blank Stare, Flat Hollow’, a solo show at Five Years, London (2013) and a contribution to What Is An Art Book Volume II, edited by The Modern Language Experiment(2013). Her dub plate sound work ‘Long Rider’ (2008) is currently stocked by The Gutter, a new record shop devoted to music made by artists and run by David Risley Gallery in Copenhagen. Forthcoming projects include a group show at Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Art, London (April 2014) and a solo show at The Agency, London (May 2014) Matt Calderwood (born in 1975 in Northern Ireland) studied Fine Art at University of Sunderland (1994-7) and Foundation Art and Design at Newcastle College (1993-4). He lives and works in London. Selected solo exhibitions include: Interrupted Projections, Sommer & Kohl, Berlin (2014); Exposure, De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill (2013); Paper Over The Cracks, Baltic 39, Newcastle (2013); David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen (2012); Full-Scale, Wilkinson Gallery, London (2011); Galerija Simulaker, Novo Mesto, Slovenia (2011); Shatterproof, Maria Stenfors, London (2010); Works, Galleria Klerkx, Milan (2008); DAM, Galerie Martin Van Zomeren, Amsterdam (2008); Projections, David Risley Gallery, London (2007); Opening, Canon Marsh/Bristol Harbourside, Bristol (2007); Hot Air, Taxter and Spengemann, New York (2007); DIM, David Risley Gallery, London (2005); Lumber Room, Taxter and Spengemann, New York (2003) Katja Davar has shown in Germany and the UK, Solo Exhibitions 2014 Effearte gallery Milan and in the group show rubric, 2014 ‘Altered States’ Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich 2014 Currency Galore, Galerie Kadel Willborn, Düsseldorf; How The Mind Makes Forever, Galerie der Stadt Backnang (C) 2013 Nachbarn (or) Eyes that Skimmed The Lawn (with Norbert Arns), Kjubh Kunstverein, Cologne; Return To Mother , Einraumhaus c/o Mannheim 2012 Scattered Plots & Routes We Take, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall, UK, (C); Even Ghosts Ring Bells Underwater, Galerie Vera Gliem, Cologne 2011 A Vanishing point nearby, HWK Delmenhorst 2010 Reptile Turf & Copper Alloys, Galerie Iris Kadel, Karlsruhe And her latest group shows: 2014 Katja Davar/Nikolas Gangsterer, Kunstwerke, Cologne 2013 It’s a Womans World, Galerie Martina Kaiser, Cologne; Cool Silicon Saxony Art Award (CSSA), Internationale Ausstellung zeitgenössische Künste, Dresden, (C) 2012 La Zona, Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst ( NGBK), Berlin; A—Apocalypse, V22 Collection, London (screening); one and more chairs, Einraumhaus c/o More about Stewarts Law RCA Secret: ‘Stewarts Law RCA Secret is an exhibition and sale of original postcard-sized artworks, by internationally acclaimed artists plus up-and coming graduates from the Royal College of Art. It’s your chance to get your hands on original works of art for a tiny price. This year we’ll be presenting 2900 works by over 1,100 artists. We’ll be revealing the full lineup of artists when the exhibition opens on 13 March as well as images of all the postcards. With generous contributions of new work from hundreds of artists and designers, Stewarts Law RCA Secret continues to help emerging artists at a formative stage in their careers.’ Opening Times Exhibition open: Thursday 13 March to Friday 21 March 2014, 11am-6pm daily (late opening until 9pm on 20 March only) Sale open: Saturday 22 March 2014, 8am-6pm. Admission Free Venue ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART BATTERSEA Dyson Building, 1 Hester Road, London SW11 4AN A—-Z
A- - -Z presents PlayTime Part I Chooc Ly Tan & Ross Downes 2 artists - 2 playlists  10 tracks - 10 words A—-Z invites 2 artists/art producers over 3 months to share their sound. Every guest chooses 10 words and 10 tracks related to their influences/interests. To listen HERE Chooc Ly Tan  (b.1981, in La Roche sur Yon, France) Chooc Ly Tan lives and works in London. Tan’s practice is multi-disciplinary; incorporating sculpture, video, installations and performances. Recent performances include ‘Let’s make another possible now’, Flat Time House, London (2014); ‘C’, Art Licks Weekend, London (2013). Selected film and video-programmes include Austerity Measures touring at Cell, London, CCCB, Barcelona, Fuso International Video Art Festival, Lisbon, Waterside, Riga, BIOS, Athens, Timishort Film Festival, Romania, Milano Film Festival, (2013). Tan participated in talks and conferences including F—-Future, London (2013); Festival of Ideas, University of Cambridge (2013); Kosmica, The Arts Catalyst, London (2012). Residencies include Defining Pi, Wysing Art Centre, in collaboration with Cambridge Computer Lab (2013); IMS Project, Flat Time House, London (2013); Galtarviti Lighthouse, Iceland (2008). Chooc Ly Tan has had solo exhibitions at Carlos/Ishikawa, London (2012) and Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2012). She received her BA from Central Saint Martins (2006), and graduated with an MFA from Goldsmiths (2011). Ross Downes These tracks are all fundamental to the way I understand and listen to music.  They each represent personal turning points becoming bench-mark signifiers for what music can be. Arvo Part once commented whilst being interviewed that although music is necessary, much unnecessary music is made. For me, these tracks in their iconoclastic individualism  represent that highly subjective pantheon of the necessary. It was a real pleasure to select them like this.
Totem and Taboo◊◊◊◊ Ep.IV ◊ 22-28 Feb.Kasper Jacobs & Maurits KosterTeepee des 21. Jahrhunderts, 2013, 9:36min.The two artists studied and documented the subculture of Indianism: a movement which appeared in the beginning of the 20th century in the east part of Germany, the old isolated DDR, and developed around the indian native american culture. Teepee des 21. Jahrhunderts presents this community. In the former DDR indianism became a tolerated way to socially organise. Due to censorship and limited mobility that the East-Germans suffered from at the time, main source of inspiration in those days came from the realm of fiction or ethnographic monographs with the exception of the few artefacts that one could get hold of, in the form of music cassettes and other ‘original’ native American knowledge or craft. However, Indianists today live in a world with ‘free’ and ‘open’ media access and have the freedom to travel. Their frame of reference is not so much the fictional worlds of Karl May but is based on other media encounters, where historical accuracy plays an important role, but “Indian” culture is also understood as contemporaneous, dynamic and creative process rather than as a static and dead culture.KasperJacobs is based in Amsterdam. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2010. Jacobs was part of a residency at Hotel Maria Kapel (NL) in 2012. His work has recently been shown at Sign Gallery (NL), W139 (NL) and Trade Gallery (UK)
Based between Amsterdam and London, Maurits Koster completed an MFA at Goldsmiths University in 2013. He recently showed his work in solo exhibitions at P/////AKT (2011) and Jeanine Hofland Contemporary art (2012). Koster has taken part in several group exhibitions in The Netherlands and the UK.They have shown together at Unfair Amsterdam and at the EYE Film Institute Amsterdam.The collaboration between Jacobs and Koster has been an ongoing conversation that deals with modes of collectivity and the formation of cultural identity.
Ep.III ◊ 15 - 22 Feb.(10am)
On Totem and Taboo
Sabrina Ratté- Aurae, Video / Sabrina Ratté, Image / file courtesy of Samantha Katz, Music composed by Roger Tellier-Craig, 2012Aurae is a video based on a photograph manipulated digitally and processed through electronic signals. The architectural forms constantly falling apart and their changing textures evoke the ephemeral nature of perception, and suggest the idea of time and its influence on this perception.Aurae was part of The First Digital Art Auction at Phillips, curated by Lindsay Howard. ( Phillips + Tumblr present Paddles ON!) based visual artist, Ratté (Canada, 1982) is mainly working in the field of video. She completed a BFA and a MFA degree in the film Production Program of Concordia University in Montreal.Ratté’s video work explores the possibilities of mixing together a diverse array of tools and techniques. By the use of analogue signals and digital manipulations, her videos create virtual environments where architecture and landscapes fall into abstraction. Her work is also inspired by the relationship between electronic music and the video image, and she often collaborates with musicians for finished pieces as well as in live settings. Parallel to her solo work, Ratté is the visual part of Le Révélateur, with the electronic music composer Roger Tellier-Craig.Ratté’s work has been shown in very diverse contexts, including art galleries (online and IRL), music and film festivals such as International Film Festival Rotterdam, Paddles On! (1st digital art auction at Phillips)  NYC, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF.),  São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, NYC, (The download Program), Cell Project Space in London UK, Send+Receive Festival Winnipeg, Elektra Festival Montreal, MUTEK, A/Vision 3, in Montreal, Mexico City and Barcelona. Her videos with Le Révélateur have been released on DVD by the San Francisco Label Root Strata.
Totem and Taboo
Ep.II ◊ 8th - 15th Feb.Matthias Tharang, Beauty of Labour, 2013, 3:00 min. Special Edition (Full Length 8:47 min.) In this special edit for Totem & Taboo, Tharang’s video depicts a middle-aged man, naked, paunchy, set in a black room. The protagonist is at ‘work’: arranging white cubes with care, creating a pyramidal stack in order to destroy them with a giant hammer. Smashing one after the other, the white cubes crack in pieces, revealing their emptiness. The absurdity of this scene is subversively stated in the title, Beauty of Labour - Playing on the classical meaning of ‘beauty’ and its contradictory representation in the film, the heavy naked figure mirrors a representative of our society. The ‘Labour’, the archaic terminology for work, acts here as a ‘retro reference’ of a present that has never changed - a sisyphic task. Breathing loudly, stopping for a rest to contemplate what is left, the man represents a modern allegory of labour, its essence - futile, exhausting and repetitive. Matthias Tharang (b. 1982, Dresden) lives and works between Amsterdam and London. He studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and completed his MFA at Goldsmiths College in London. Primarily encompassing installation and video, the core of his work challenges patterns of perception, which result from the alienation of persuasive strategies. In this context he investigates the invisible space between utopia and dystopia, while exploring the inherent absurdity of polarising features. Tharang has been featured in shows of the ICA, London (2013), Spike Island, Bristol (2013), Aubin Gallery, London (2012), Tenderpixel Gallery, London (2012), Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (2011), Whitechapel Gallery, London (2010), Museum Folkwang, Essen (2010), SMART Project Space, Amsterdam (2009), and Meneer de Wit Gallery, Amsterdam (2009). Besides he featured in the Catlin Art Guide (2014), took part in the 5th Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art (2013), and contributed to the 53rd Venice Art Biennale (2009).
Totem and
Episode I ◊ 1st - 8th Feb.
Rehana Zaman, ‘What an artist dies in me’/Exit the Emperor Nero, 4minVideo commissioned by OUTPOST Gallery, shown in June 2013.- A woman- A man- A tragedy…This work expresses a tension - a perverse story set in a low-fi stage, a play within an old future. The references to theatre, literature and television of a bygone age, create a representation of the represented; a multi-layered act which unfolds towards a dramatic historical end.The title evokes the dark side of history, a famous sentence uttered before the Roman Emperor’s death - A fake suicide (the act of killing was actually performed and agreed by Nero’s secretary).Zaman touches upon a Brechtian awareness of the illusion in displacing the belief and disbelief of theatre into a film format where the concepts of acting, story telling and role play reveal and obscure meanings.Working with performance, video and text based work, Rehana Zaman composes abstract narratives inspired by theatrical, philosophical and sociopolitical contexts. Zaman (b. 1982, Heckmondwike) lives and works in London. In 2013 she presented solo exhibitions at Outpost, Norwich and Studio Voltaire, London. Recent group exhibitions include ‘Home Theater’ Baro , Sao Paolo (2013); ‘The GDR Goes On’, The Showroom; ‘The London Open’, Whitechapel Gallery, London; ‘We Love You’, Limoncello, London (all 2012); ‘Other People’s Problems’, Project Space Leeds (2011) and ‘Of Many One’, Scaramouche Gallery, New York, (2010). Rehana was a recipient of the Red Mansion Art Prize in 2012. She completed her MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in 2011, was a LUX Associate Artist 2012/2013 and is currently one of three artist fellows at Central St Martins supported by the Cocheme Charitable